What is the salary of a heavy equipment operator with a backhoe?

Operators of heavy equipment often used backhoes to dig the ground for several reasons, including the installation of water pipes and gas. According to a report in October 2010, using backhoes can earn over $ 50,000 a year after five years.


Some heavy equipment operators work strictly in the industry of excavation with a backhoe. According to an October 2010 report, these workers can earn between US $ 36,000 to US $ 51,492 a year. Who handles a backhoe in a company, specifically in the construction industry reported slightly higher earnings of up to US $ 56,320 per year.


According to an October 2010 survey, operators of heavy equipment using backhoes can expect to receive between US $ 24,812 and US $ 40,769 after one year of experience. After five years, these workers are reporting earnings of between US $ 30,189 and US $ 51.72, and after 10 years, profits can reach as high as US $ 64,702.

Employer option

Heavy equipment operators who specialize in digging backhoes could earn more working for themselves. According to an October 2010 report, backhoes self-employed operators are earning between US $ 35,000 and US $ 144,882. Workers employed by companies are reporting profits between US $ 36,377 on the low end and US $ 59,124 annually in the higher end.