Heavy machinery can help with a wide range of tasks, from soft drinks bottling plant to build a new school. But the machinery is powerful and relentless and presents a safety hazard when used incorrectly or haphazard way. Equipment of all types is useful, and workers can operate safely by following some simple rules for a wide variety of equipment.

Read the owner’s manual and only use a machine if you have the right qualifications.

Wear eye protection at all times. Use dust masks when necessary to protect your lungs from foreign debris. Use ear protection when noisy machinery to prevent hearing loss. Wear a helmet when there is a potential for falling objects.

Tie you hair or put it under a tight hat. Avoid using anything that is loose, which could get caught in the machine.

Make sure there is a stop button easily accessible in case an emergency occurs.

Keep well-oiled and maintained so that it is in proper operating condition and less likely to experience a failure, which could create a dangerous situation machine.

Surrounding area with good lighting so you can see the machine and its surroundings clearly.

Keep the space around the machine free of objects and other workers. Make sure that no power cables or other cables running across the floor in a way that might cause someone to trip. Clean up spills immediately.

Do not leave the machine unattended. Turn the machine off when not in use, and inspect it carefully before using it again.