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Windshield wiper, the startup that extends the life of the brushes of cars.

The latest crisis has led to ingenious inventions capable of extending the useful life of a product, reducing the generation of waste. This is the case of Wiper-windshield, a company born in 2011 and after 5 years in the market has recycled the equivalent of 6 tons of steel and plastics.

Windshield wiper emerged in the middle of economic crisis, when Floret Marot, a French engineer who was unemployed saw that it did not make much sense to spend $70 on a complete windshield wiper kit when what he needed was only to change the rubber on the wiper blades.

It was for this reason that he began to research and develop a company that offered spare parts for all models of windshield wipers.

The quality of the rubber.

The manufacture of these gums is carried out through a process of injection under pressure in molds, a somewhat more expensive system, but of better quality than extrusion, since it allows obtaining gums with the necessary elasticity and strength.

The quality of the gums goes through strict safety controls. Before going on the market, the gums have undergone an accelerated aging through special ovens for 15, 30 and 45 days at different temperatures and humidity conditions. In addition, they are exposed to UV-A and UV-B rays, which are the main causes of the deterioration and aging of rubber.

For prospective customers who are concerned about whether they can replace the brush rubbers, there are video tutorials for each specific model that teaches how to replace the old tires with the new ones.

The replacement of the windshield wiper rubber instead of the complete wiper blade in addition to saving money, reduces the amount of waste generated.

Windshield replacement in detail

When it comes to replacing windshields, we install premium quality windows made exclusively from certified OEMs, meeting the various FMVSS or ANSI Z26.1 standard and approved. By the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Whether it is cracked, cracked, cracked, damaged, the glass is splintered or the car has been impacted, our qualified technicians will respond quickly to your need by replacing your windshield.

Prepare the vehicle with broken glass

Before replacing the windshield, we protect the body and the passenger compartment of your vehicle.

Removing the damaged, cracked, cracked or impacted glass

We cut and remove the bead of glue (urethane) that holds the windshield in place.

Prepare the new windshield

We then apply a coat of primer on the body and on the replacement windshield we allow to dry before applying the glue (urethane) on the periphery of the replacement windshield to ensure a perfect adhesion.

Installing the new windshield

We then carefully install the replacement windshield on the vehicle with all the necessary elements. As the urethane drying time is at least 60 minutes, we always recommend our customers to wait until the end of this period before setting off.

What will get glass water points?

Minerals and impurities in the water often leave unsightly stains and film on windows, partitions and cooking utensils that can be difficult to remove with ordinary glass cleaners, especially if the surface has not been cleaned in a long time. An efficient and profitable way to clean any glass surface is vinegar.


Vinegar is a low pH acid, which is safe to use without sacrificing strength. Reacts well to carbonate-based materials (usually calcium and magnesium) in human cells – dissolution without releasing noxious fumes and hard water deposits. Bacteria are also mostly unable to survive a vinegar bath.


Mix two parts of white, vinegar with one part of distilled water. Use a plastic spray bottle to distribute the solution. For heavy accumulation, spray the area and let stand 30 minutes. Use a damp towel to clean the area. If persistent spots remain, repeat the process. Heating the vinegar helps the chemical process. For preventive or minor cleaning, apply the vinegar solution, clean after a few minutes, then rinse and dry the glass.


Vinegar is a natural product that does not harm the body or the environment, while chemical attributes make it ideal for combating deposits and stains, fingerprints and oils. Kills a large percentage of germs and bacteria that cause disease and odor and odor of vinegar dissipates quickly.


Although not vinegar, magically remove stains without effort, can produce clear, clean glass after a little work. If applied regularly, you will avoid building up. In addition to glass, vinegar can clean any surface that regularly comes in contact with water, inside or out.


Some automotive products are also useful for cleaning glass. Due to its industrial use, however, always test a discrete part of glass with a pea-sized filter to ensure that no adverse results are left.

What is involved in repairing a chip windshield?

Repairing a windshield break usually involves the use of a clear liquid resin solution to fill the broken area. The solution is then dried using ultraviolet (UV) radiation to allow it to harden. This makes the windshield look almost like new and prevents chips and small cracks from spreading so that the entire windshield does not need to be replaced.

The first step in repairing a windshield chip is to take stock of how bad the chip is. Take moderate damage in general, can be fixed quickly and with a minimal cost for car insurance companies or owners. A transparent resin material is inserted into the chip and allowed to set. Sometimes a UV lamp is used to harden more quickly. In many cases a hold is pierced at the base of the chip and the resin is inserted into it and then sealed closed.

After the resin has been inserted and hardened, the next step in repairing a windshield chip is to polish the area so that the solution matches the surrounding crystal as much as possible. Small cracks can become virtually unrecognizable and the windshield can appear as new to the naked eye. Larger chips and cracks may have a slightly deformed appearance in the area, but it’s generally no less noticeable that one is looking closely.

It is very important to have any windshield chip inspected by a trained professional because they can sometimes spread and cause more damage. When this occurs, the strength of the glass can be compromised and cannot hold up well even in a small collision. This can be dangerous and is usually more expensive to fix than repairing a windshield chip.

They may need to be fixed by replacement of all windshield splinters or cracks that are very large or pronounced. A trained professional should be notified as it can determine if a repair or replacement is the best course of action. Insurance companies may require a full replacement if a chip or crack is beyond a certain size or level of gravity.

There are items that can be bought in stores or online that allows consumers to pin a chip on themselves. These usually involve a similar process as professional use. They usually include a plunger device like the one that applies resin to the crack or chip. To use these correctly, it is important to follow the instructions exactly.

What factors are involved in the cost of windshield replacement?

When a windshield is damaged, it is important to determine whether or not the windshield can simply be repaired instead of being replaced. Not every chipped or broken windshield will require replacement. If repair is not possible, there are several things to consider when contemplating the replacement cost of windshields. The make, model and year of the vehicle play a role in the cost. The size of the windshield, the type of glass, insurance coverage, the additional parts that need to be replaced, and the costs of the various related services are also considerations.

The type of glass used will greatly influence the replacement cost of windshields. Glass Dealer, the same type of windshield that was put in the vehicle when it was built, is usually the most expensive. The same is typically true of the work done at a dealership instead of a car glass company or other repair shop.

There are comparable types of windshield glass, such as original equipment manufacturer or OEM, glass. OEM glass must meet or exceed the standards of the Manufacture vehicle but it is generally less expensive. The only real differences between OEM and distributor glass are the manufacturer, the price, and the fact that OEM glass does not have the Manufacturer’s name stamped on it. Another option, aftermarket glass, is generally cheaper, but does not meet the same standards. OEM tends to be the popular choice when considering the cost of windshield replacement.

The cost of towing can also be a factor in the cost of replacing windshields if the vehicle needs to be moved but the damage is insofar as it is not safe to drive. It is also possible to have the work done in the place, but this option is usually done at a premium rate.

Hiring an auto glass company to work in the location, such as in the home owner s or business, has its advantages. The vehicle can be ready to play the next time the owner needs it. The work should take much time and the windshield only has a couple of hours of preparation time before use.

Other parts, such as mounting around the rubber glass, May also need to be replaced, which obviously adds to the cost of replacing windshields. It is also important to determine whether filing an insurance claim or paying the cost of replacing windshields out of pocket is the most cost-effective solution.

  • Broken windshield glass.
  • The make, model and year of a vehicle can affect the cost of windshield replacement.
  • Not every damaged windshield will require replacement.