What Is Heavy Machinery?

Heavy machinery is a kind of machine that uses a large consumption of fuel to operate driven by a driver, and used for tasks such as earthmoving, heavy lifting, demolition, excavation or transportation of material. To use the heavy machinery is necessary to have special licenses.

Earth movement

A team of heavy machines like excavators and bulldozers are used in construction, agriculture and building roads to remove, smooth, deposits of dirt and irregularities.

Heavy lifting

Cranes, forklifts and other heavy machinery are required to move steel beams, grain silos, concrete blocks and other materials used in the construction of ships, bridges, towers and other heavy structures.


Concrete cutters, wrecking balls and hammers are examples of heavy equipment used to demolish commercial and residential buildings.


In order to carry large and heavy objects like cut wood or concrete, heavy machinery is used; in industries such as forestry and in road construction it’s used heavy equipment such as tractors log loaders and trailers.

Other examples

Heavy equipment is continuously designed to perform tasks that previously required many hours of manual labor. Examples include conventional excavators and backhoes, combines, the loppers, the snow and cement trucks.

Operator Requirements

A high school diploma is generally suitable for the operation of heavy machinery. Since this equipment is very large and requires concentration and skill, a CDL, drug testing and safety training are required.